Can you hook up a mouse and keyboard to an ipad

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How to Connect a Wired Keyboard to Your iPad - Lifewire

While Microsoft makes a b deal about their Surface line of tablets and how their snap-on keyboard makes them different, there are a couple of problems with this line of advertising.

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First, the Microsoft Surface doesn't actually come with the keyboard. And second, the i Pad has supported keyboards since its release.

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How to use my ipad pro with external monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Not only does it support a full range of wireless Bluetooth keyboards, it also supports using any USB keyboard. The Lhtning connector port used to charge the i Pad is also used to communicate with other devices like your PC or laptop.

How to set up your Apple wireless mouse, keyboard, and trackpad.

In order to work with cameras that often use a form of USB to connect to computers, Apple put out the Camera Connection Kit, which turned the orinal 30-pin connector into a USB port.

Can you hook up a mouse and keyboard to an ipad:

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